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Pretty Yellow 🍋 | Chakra

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These Solar Plexus WaistBeads Feature Citrine and Yellow Quartz Stones (Dyed). The Solar Plexus Chakra is symbolized by the Color Yellow and Relates to Self Esteem, Personality, and Intellect. Citrines Inspire You to Achieve Your Goals. They Are the Gemstone of Light ☀️, Happiness and are Powerful for Manifestation. These Waist-Beada are 48 Inches Long📏, Strung On Cotton Thread, && Tied Onto The Purchasers Waist. A Clasp Can Be Added Below, And The Purchasers Waist Size Should Be Included In The “Notes” Under Checkout. ✨WaistBead Sets Can Also Be Made In Any Size && Design Via Custom Order. (See Custom Pretty Mamas) ✨ Select Styles Are Sized && Priced As Listed Here. 💖Additions Include:💖 • Adding A Clasp- $1 • Matching Anklet -$5 (Stretch Cord) •Charms- (See Pretty Charms)✨